Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The Sweetest Thing Wedding

Photos courtesy of Josh Wong Photography

One of our partymakers, and owner of Stardust Cakes, was recently married, and decided to throw together her own reception party. We just loved the decoration ideas and the magnificent centre piece.. the wedding cake she made herself.
She used colorful Chinese take out boxes to hold utensils and napkins. She used paper flowers, whirly pops and twizzlers inside colorful cups to add an extra sweet look. She is a Pastry Chef who loves dessert so the party reflected her interests in every single way possible... we can't really say that about the groom but he was happy to be represented by his fondant figurine on the cake.

Colorful Jelly Bean candies scattered around the table gave it a confetti-type effect, and added to the colorfulness of the party.
The cake had the bride and groom's favorite flavors, Carrot Cake and Chocolate.

This party idea works well for Birthdays and even Easter which is coming up shortly. Choose a variety of candies and display them on your table as the decor. And if you can't find or make paper flowers, bunch up a few pieces of colorful tissue paper for the same effect.

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